Yep, doors are significant, more so in a block of flats. A garden gate, a garden path, a porch - they soften the boundary between public and private environs. Everybody is indoors already in flats, the point of exchange (public for private, visa versa) is abrupt, it’s a doorway. These flat doors can be maintained as anonymous as hotel room doors, numbered and secretive. But others leak, the idiosyncrasies of tenants effect the doors - some furnish their doors with ‘personality’, others’ neglect imbues their doors with ‘character’. The doors speak of occupation, of drawbridges, of <i>face</i>, of reaction, of existence - they are their masters’ pets.

The collection of doors in the film were to be honed down to 12, to become a calendar (part of an exhibition). Instead, I’ve played with the images over a couple of years, aiming to make them hang between reality and mystery (doors from folk tales). Instead of them languishing, I decided to showreel them - enjoy.