Thinking Polished Wood (2012) Simply using iMovie picture-in-picture.

Scrub Margin Flow (2012) More clips, still using picture-in-picture - rotating and cropping - and introducing stills in blue/green screen (images created in Photoshop). Error, forgot to avoid blues, which effected successful blue screen (the resultant twiddling with saturation, RGB levels and white point has altered overlayed colours and clouded the background in places).

Scrub Margin Flow II (2012) A version of Scrub Margin Flow using green screen and red/blue colour mixes - started out doing 12fps animation, in Photoshop (taking selected keyframes as reference), but after 200+ images I got weary. So, I created a movie using Quicktime 7's open image sequence, imported it into iMovie, set it as green screen and slowed the video to fit the underlying film. I'm kinda liking the 80s effect of the oversaturated colours floating, but they're too jerky - next time I'll use a programme that I can plot object paths with (Keynote can do this).

Scrub Margin Flow II without animation (2012) Without the animation, which needs refining - the video at its shooting speed.