Storeys is a work by Markus Lloyd. It consists of 21 tee shirts, transfer printed with image (front) and text (back). Using hangers, it was displayed on a clothes rail for the exhibition.

There is an image from every floor of Sarah Robinson House, and a text elaborated from observations made on every floor.

It is fiction, documentary fiction. It attempts to celebrate, demonstrate, elucidate the experience of haunting Sarah Robinson House for a week. Each text details the differences, not the immense sameness, of the 21 floors. It’s about uniqueness, which is at the core of humanity.

The tee shirts symbolise people, and they are pages to flick through.

The clothes rail is both a domestic and retail form of display (a negotiable exhibit, countering its ‘conceptual’ and ‘process’ inclinations).

Storeys Markus Lloyd


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Click HereThe_T_Shirts_GF.html
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