Welcome to the Artists Block site. Here, you can follow the exploits of artist Kim Noble and poet Markus Lloyd during a week-long residency at Sarah Robinson House, a tower block in Portsea, Portsmouth. Supported by local art gallery, aspex, and Portsmouth City Council, the project meant to offer the residents of the 120 flats an opportunity to engage with contemporary art through observing and participating in Kim and Markus’ creative practices.

[02 June 2009]

The Artist Block exhibition proved a success. It was popular with the public for its accessible and humorous content. Those local Councillors who viewed it encouraged future projects. We fully intend to build on the legacy of the Portsea residency. Meanwhile, Jude Bennett, a driving force, has left us - she’s studying for an MA: Amy Smith and Markus Lloyd have married: and Kim Noble is busy continuing to be Kim Noble. We always intended to use this site to analyse and debate the project, before instigating another adventure. The site will be continually updated. Please, keep it bookmarked and pop back every so often.

[29 September 2009]

portsea, portsmouth